About the company

Since 1946, Salvest has been working to ensure that diversified diet is easily and conveniently attainable for everyone - both for themselves and for their families. What people value most about Salvest's products is how convenient it is to use our good flavours in preparing meals.

We always prefer domestic and fresh raw ingredients. When we do buy raw ingredients from abroad, it is only fruit that is impossible to grow in our climate. In order to be sure of the freshness of the ingredient, we only buy domestic fruit and meat from manufacturers who are located within 100 km of our processing facilities.

There are 120 people working at Salvest, many of whom have already worked here for 20-30 years. Such a long experience and loyalty mean that people love working with us. What is even more important - our people love doing what they do.

Salvest's range includes 170 different products - from pickles to fried sauerkraut, soups, baby food, jams and more, not to mention all sorts of sauces. For many of these products, we have been using the same recipe for decades. We also introduce new flavours each season.

Salvest has been making baby food since 1966. Our goal is to use as many local ingredients as possible. All products are without added sugar or salt, preservatives, without additives and from strictly controlled raw material. We have a wealth of experience and we also continue to develop new products. For example, in 2014 we introduced baby food made from ecological raw materials in doypacks.

Salvest has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and ISO 22000 food safety certification, which guarantee the quality of our products.


About the "Põnn"- Pure baby food from Northern Europe

The renewed “Põnn” baby food selection does not contain a grain of added sugars and is made according to the recommendations of the paediatrician Reet Raukas! The recognized paediatrician Reet Raukas recommended baby foods with the correct energy content and consistency, and the correct quantities for babies. The paediatrician also helped to decide, which are the best raw products for babies at different ages.

When developing the new product range, we also considered the taste preference of Estonian babies that assessed the foods as likeable or not. It is our priority that our products would taste good to babies and be as pure and natural as possible at the same time. The greatest change was removing sugar from the improved recipes. Baby foods with vegetables also no longer contain wheat flour. Instead, we increased the percentage of vegetables.

For us, it is important to use as many locally-manufactured raw products in the “Põnn” baby foods as possible – in vegetable dishes, we have used Estonian meat, potatoes, carrots and beetroot, and the new porridges contain Estonian milk and rapeseed oil.